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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bird Christmas Ornament


Cut two birds from pattern. Mark location of eye, beak and hanger.


Cut two wings and one beak. I used felt.


Lay the beak with point facing inside and also the hanger with loop facing inside between the two layers.Stitch starting at tail, all the way around ending at tail on opposite end. Back tac at the beginning and the end.



This shows how the beak looks before sewing it between the layers. The point is to the inside, so that when you turn it right side out the beak will be pointing out.


This shows the end of the hanging loop being caught in the stitching.


Don’t forget to back-tac


This is a great project for using those left over scrapes of batting.


This is what your bird should look like after clipping curves and turning.


Stuff you bird, leaving the tail unstuffed. Tie with strong thread or ribbon.



Close-up of tail.



Place a wing on each side and run thread through button, through the body and through the button on the opposite side. Turn and come back through the bird. I tired my floss and left little frayed ends, but you can just sew the buttons on if you like. I also used pinking shears and gave the wing a feather look. I also pinked the tail.


The eye is done same as the wings were. Go through a small button, through the head, through button on opposite side of head, turn and come back through.I finished it off by taking a few stitched under the button and cut the thread.



Looks cruel doesn’t it.



Now you have a nice little birdy for you tree, peg, package, or window.


On the red bird I used two pieces of fabric sewn together and pinked around the edges for the wing. The white one has felt wings.