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Monday, October 31, 2011

Key chain/card holder


DSCI0015Start with a piece of fabric 14 1/2” X 3 3/4”. Interface with light weight fusible interfacing.

DSCI0016Fold lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch ends and long edge, leaving a three inch opening to turn.

DSCI0017Turn right side out and press. Place a pin to hold the opening together.

DSCI0018Measure 2 1/4” on each end of strip and mark with chalk.

DSCI0019Place hook and loop tape on each short end lined up with your chalk line.

DSCI0020Stitch hook and loop tape down.


Fold ends toward center, along the hook and loop edge.


Pin in place


At this point you can whip stitch the opening closed or catch it when you sew up the sides.

DSCI0024Stitch up both side of strip, stopping to back-tac at the top of the pockets.

DSCI0025Also stitch the opening on the side as your stitching the long edges.

DSCI0026All stitched.

DSCI0027Fold in half.


DSCI0029Mark inside of grommet.

DSCI0030Cut a whole in the fabric for the grommet.  You want the fabric around the grommet to be a snug fit.

DSCI0031Attach grommet using directions on the back of the package. I used a 1/2 grommet her, but I will go to the next size next time. I think a little bigger grommet would be better.

DSCI0032Inside of key chain.

DSCI0033Place your small savings cards in the pockets on each side.

DSCI0034Add a key ring.

DSCI0035Add Keys.

DSCI0036I stitched mine just above the cards. I wanted to make sure that the cards could not fall out.    ENJOY!